Who We Are

Derek and Françoise Frank

I'm British, Françoise is French and we met in Jerusalem 40 years ago.  We've spent 30 years in pastoral ministry in the UK, Switzerland and the US, and have two daughters who live in the US and New Zealand.

In the late 80's I had repeated visions that always ended with the words. 'Complete The Reformation'. It took me some years to realize how the 16th century Reformers had no place for God's continuing purposes through Israel, after which I saw how this had impacted the Church through to this day.

It led us to make the 'docu-drama 'Let The Lion Roar' that was released in 2014 and was downloaded in 67 countries. We also wrote 'Escaping The Great Deception', but were still aware this was only a door-opener to a much bigger conversation.

Since then global events have moved rapidly with irreversible consequences, putting even more responsibility on the Church to shine in the darkness.

So now retired from pastoral ministry, we've made the 'Alive In Messiah' course to help believers connect to the Jewish roots of their faith. Our prayer is that it will help them develop a firmer foundation to stand on and become part of God's continuing purposes through Israel.

Derek & Francoise Frank