Part 2: 'Dead to Sin'

Building on what it means to be ‘In Messiah Yeshua’ we now use the Shema and the Tabernacle to further connect to our Jewish Roots. Then with the Hebraic perspective in mind, we look at the key words - 'continually', 'count', 'yourselves' and 'dead'. After which we use the Ten Words to see where and how to apply them so that we can become 'Dead to Sin'

10 - Doing It Continually

11 - Learning to Count

12 - Knowing Who You Are

13 - Told to be Bold

14 - Rejecting Idolatry

15 - Resolving Bad History

16 - Renouncing Unforgiveness

17 - Respecting Authority

18 - Replacing Lies with Truth

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Part 1: 'In Messiah Yeshua'

"Continually count yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Messiah Yeshua" (Romans 6:11 TLV)

To fully understand our position 'in Christ Jesus' we need to begin with being 'In Messiah Yeshua'.
He was first and foremost the Messiah of the Jews who God called to be 'a light to the nations'.
And if we're Gentiles, we're grafted into this calling. However, because the Church severed its Jewish roots in its early centuries we need to understand how to reconnect to them if we're to bear their fruit

Part 3: 'Alive to God'

"Continually count yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Messiah Yeshua" (Romans 6:11 TLV)
We now look at how Yeshua redeemed the irrevocable calling and gifts God gave to Israel, to see how they can equip us as Gentiles who are grafted into Israel for the calling we've been given. Enhancing our aliveness to God, strengthening the foundations of our faith and increasing our ability to shine like lights in the darkness in the times in which we're living.